Isaias Miranda initially came to LCU in 2009 from Clovis, New Mexico to run cross country. During his undergrad at LCU, Miranda joined choir, served as an RA, and eventually became a CA before graduating with a degree in youth and family ministry.

Miranda enjoyed the community of LCU so much, that he returned to pursue a master’s in counseling. He is now the coordinator of Paisano at LCU and serves as a mentor in the Center for Student Success. “Everybody helps each other. I’m not just doing my job by myself.” Miranda said of working for LCU.

Paisano is a relatively new program, started two years ago by Monica Barnard. By bringing students on campus for college tours, Paisano hopes to raise college awareness in elementary and junior high schools. Paisano also ventures to community events to talk about LCU and the importance of higher education.

Paisano’s two hour tours occur about once a week. Young students hear from faculty members and current students about college classes and experiences before exploring the campus.

Miranda finds working with the kids incredibly rewarding. He recalls one time, while he was giving a tour, an early elementary student was holding his teachers hand as they walked. She had to leave for a moment, so the child instantly reached for Miranda’s hand instead. “It’s really neat to see these little kids looking up to you. You’re making a difference. They may be elementary kids, but who knows what they’ll remember?” Miranda said.

In his spare time, Miranda enjoys playing Settlers of Catan, which provides an opportunity for him to fellowship with friends and grow the community he cares about.

By working so diligently to draw interest and involvement from the surrounding community to campus, Isaias Miranda represents the Lubbock Christian commitment to be in community.