Johnathan Anchondo, a senior music education major, was led to LCU by a passion for music.

When he arrived on LCU campus for a tour, his first question was, “where is the music building?” In the choir room, Anchondo watched now-alumni Gary Head (’13) and Devon (Langford '13) Bullock rehearsing, and was blown away by their ability to learn complicated music in such a short time.

Before coming to LCU, Anchondo had little experience singing, especially with an audience. Now, Anchondo is President of the Praise Choir, and a member of Chamber Singers and Koinonia social club.

“This is where I started learning music, and now I’m learning to teach music to all grade levels. Choir was a huge help to that. It is a good place for me to be expressive with myself, and to be expressive to God. I feel most connected to Him when I sing,” Anchondo said.

Anchondo always loved singing to himself. He enjoyed playing with his voice, mimicking Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and Stitch along with songs on the radio. For a time, he considered going into voice acting. Though he ultimately didn’t pursue that dream, he still wanted to use his voice for the glory of God.

Anchondo first became interested in LCU when he sang in a small choir for Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) at his home church, Shallowater Church of Christ. Under the direction of Dr. Philip Camp, Anchondo performed with the choir for two years at the LTC convention in DFW. When deciding on a college, he realized he didn’t want to sing for anyone other than Dr. Camp.

“Choir is my absolute favorite thing about LCU,” said Anchondo, citing his favorite moments at LCU as when students gather to sing: Blur, chapel, and devotionals.

John Anchondo represents LCU's intent to be faithful, by living for God in every aspect of life: in music, athletics, business, and in education.