Education major, Jordynne Grantham, came to LCU all the way from Modesto, California. Macy Bryant, on the other hand, is an English major who grew up right across the street from the LCU campus.

Jordynne met Macy during her first year at LCU while Macy was still in high school. After discovering that Macy was planning to attend LCU, Jordynne looked forward to building a friendship with her. A year later, Jordynne quickly made Macy feel welcome on campus.

Now, after two years, Jordynne and Macy have developed a valued friendship. The friends say they love living on campus because it allows them to stay involved with all the opportunities LCU offers. They have thoroughly enjoyed their time together as counselors at LCU’s summer camps, Encounter and Champion. The rewarding relationships they have built with their campers has resulted in several of Jordynne’s campers choosing to attend LCU. Having had a small part in helping them make that decision makes Jordynne feel honored.

Macy believes LCU offers many opportunities to grow spiritually and socially, but she’s especially excited to talk about how she found her niche to grow academically.

When Macy decided to switch majors her freshman year, she went to Dr. Kenneth Hawley in the Humanities Department to see what the curriculum entailed. When he mentioned the English novel class would be reading and discussing the merits, strengths, and weaknesses of Agatha Christie novels the next semester, Macy exclaimed, “I just finished an Agatha Christie novel.”

Dr. Hawley responded, “Welcome home.”

Macy says it’s been home ever since.

Jordynne agrees that it’s the relationships that truly make LCU home. Through her involvement in summer camps, social clubs, and student life activities, Jordynne has had the opportunity to work with the Dean of Students, Josh Stephens.

Now, as a senior, Jordynne considers Stephens her mentor. She even asked him to counsel her and her husband before they got married.

Jordynne and Macy now call LCU home and claim it has all the opportunities of a big university, but with a more intimate atmosphere that fosters deeper relationships. They are passionate about LCU and they want others to share in the enriching experience they have enjoyed.