Lubbock Christian University

Guidelines for Application Abstract and Presentation

Guidelines for Application Abstract and Academic Presentation

LCU students, faculty and staff may apply via the online Abstract Submission form on the Scholars Colloquium web page. An abstract is required for a paper or a poster presentation.

Guidelines for an Application Abstract

  • Research abstracts identify a problem, delineate methodology used, review analysis of data, and summarize findings.
  • Use proper English grammar and spelling according to APA Publication Style (presenter may use another style manual for the paper/poster).
  • Include an abstract to the application.
  • Submit online through the Scholars Colloquium submission form on the web page.
  • Abstract length: 350 words or less.
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.
  • Abstract title is ALL CAPS, Boldface.
  • List author’s First name, Middle initial, Last Name.
  • Designate the author's status: graduate student, undergraduate, faculty, staff, Honors student.
  • Indicate the department or subject area of your topic.
  • Also indicate approval of IRB if appropriate.

Guidelines for an Academic Presentation

Quality papers/presentations have a central organizing thesis or question. The structure of the paper should be appropriate to its purpose, with fluid transitions, an introduction that anticipates the whole, connects the next section, and a conclusion of ideas. Supporting documentation is appropriate to the discipline and thesis/question of the paper. An adequate number of scholarly sources reflect different positions/points of view.

The presenter should be able to read the paper in 20 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for questions from the audience. The average person can read a double-spaced page (with one-inch margins) in 2 minutes. Using media may reduce reading time and should be a factor in determining the length of the paper.

The presentation should reflect professionalism (including dress) and maintain the interest of the audience. The presenter should consider: voice (volume and pitch), rate of delivery, use of pauses, articulation, eye contact, ease of delivery, movement and gestures, posture, nonverbal language, and proper use of English grammar.