Student Scholarship Chart

All Scholarships charted below are for classes beginning Spring of 2017 and awarded after October 27, 2016.

Lubbock Christian University awards academic scholarships to beginning freshmen based on ACT or SAT score. Transfer students are awarded based on grade point average. The following academic scholarship levels are available to new students entering in the Spring of 2017 or later.

You must be a full-time student to receive an academic scholarship. Other scholarships are also available. These scholarships may stack on top of any federal and state grants for which you may qualify.

There are a few special programs you might be eligible for that would eliminate this offer. For example, a student on an athletic scholarship or a tuition discount would not be eligible.

Apply early. Many grants and preferred loans are issued on a first come first served basis.

Male citizens of the U.S. and male immigrant aliens 18 through 25 years old must be registered with the U.S. Selective Service System to be eligible for federal student loans and grants. Men can register at any post office, or register now on-line.

There are many other types of financial assistance, (Spanish version) for more information. Listed below are some of the grants and scholarships available:

LCU Grant Program & Student Success Scholarships

Students who score ACT 24/SAT 1090/SAT (2016) 1180 are eligible for the Student Success Scholarship

Students who score ACT 27/SAT 1210/SAT (2016) 1290 are eligible for the Honors College and the Honors Scholarships

Scholarships for Freshmen Students

Scholarships are offered to freshman students based on SAT and ACT scores, so long as the student maintains the required GPA. *Use SAT (2016) score for test taken on or after March 2, 2016.

ACTSATSAT (2016)Required GPAAward4-Year Award
18-19860-930950-10202.50$2,000/year     $8,000
22-231020-1080    1110-11702.7$4,000/year$16,000
24-26*   1090-12001180-12803.0$5,500/year$25,000

Scholarships for Transfer Students

GPA for all post-secondary work attempted after high school

Qualifying GPAGPA to MaintainAcademic Scholarship
2.72.5$4,000 per year
3.02.7$5,000 per year
3.2*3.0$5,500 per year
3.5*3.0$6,000 per year
3.7*3.25$7,000 per year 

* Award increases $500 each year if required GPA is met and full-time status during the academic year (consecutive fall and spring semesters). SAT Scores are based on critical reading and math scores only.

**Students not initially qualifying for the LCU Grant may establish eligibility for a $2,000 per year LCU Grant for subsequent years by completing 24 semester hours at LCU, and achieving and maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.


Pell Grant (need-based)$5,815 max per year
SEOG (need-based)$1,000 max per year
TEG (must be Texas resident)$3,364 max per year

Subsidized Loans

Stafford Student Loans
Freshman$5,500 per year
Sophomore$6,500 per year
Junior$7,500 per year
Senior$7,500 per year