Lubbock Christian University

Our Purpose

The mission of the University Honors College is to provide students of high academic ability an exceptional college experience that prepares students for advanced study and lives of Christian service. The college offers challenging and provocative courses, colloquia and seminars, occasions for cultural enrichment, and assistance for semester internships and study abroad opportunities.

Our Goals

  • Encourage scholarly excellence
  • Engage in interdisciplinary learning
  • Discern and cultivate vocation
  • Develop intellectual project management


  • Faith seeking understanding
  • Discovery searching for wisdom
  • Competence moving toward maturity


All Honors College Students receive a scholarship package averaging 40% of tuition and fees. Scholarships are awarded based on entering scores, high school grades and standing, and potential for student leadership and academic success.

Students admitted to the University Honors College receive the annual Honors Scholarship ranging from $1,000 to $2,000, in addition to the Student Success Academic Award which ranges from $5,500 to $11,000 annually.

This award is a competitive scholarship offered to entering students with exceptional test scores, as well as superior high school transcripts and/or writing samples and potential for academic success.  The Helen Devitt Jones Scholars Award ranges from $500 to $3,000 in addition to the General Honors Scholarship. Students who are eligible to be considered for this award will have ACT composite scores of 30 or higher, SAT Critical Reading and Math scores of 1350 or higher, or SAT 16 Evidence-Based Reading and Math scores of 1400 or higher.

In order to renew Honors scholarships annually (for four years, except for transfer students), Honors students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.4 or higher. Students may be placed on probation for one semester without losing the scholarships.

All scholarship offers are pending subject to completion of all official financial aid forms.

Profile Photo of Russell Dabbs

Russell Dabbs, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics; Chair of School of Business; Program Coordinator: Economics, Finance
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Kregg Fehr, Ph.D.

Professor of History; History Program Coordinator; Institutional Effectiveness Faculty Liaison
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Kenneth Hawley, Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs; Professor of English; Director, The Brian S. Donaghey Center for Boethian Studies
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Julie Marshall, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Professor of Chemistry
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Olga Pahom, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Honors College; Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cultural Studies
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Stacy Patty, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Honors and Liberal Arts; Professor of Religion and Ethics
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The University Honors College provides a variety of interdisciplinary learning experiences.  Honors students are required to attend at least two cultural events and two speaking series events each academic year.

Cultural Events include Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, Broadway Series show in Lubbock, the Friday Night Art Trail, other area cultural programs, and a variety of Texas Tech and LCU performing and fine arts events. The Honors College provides limited free admission to some of these events.

Speaking Series Events include guest speakers at LCU functions, departmental guest speakers, academically-related speeches at other area institutions.

LCU Honors College & TTUHSC Agreement

The LCU Honors College and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine have established a new agreement which allows qualified students the opportunity to apply early to the TTUHSC School of Medicine, including a provision to waive their MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). The goal of this program is to cultivate well-rounded applicants and encourage students to broaden their educational experiences. With the waived MCAT, students are afforded more opportunities to explore courses in the humanities, behavioral sciences, business, languages and other areas that make for well-rounded professionals.

Pre-Medical Agreement

Featured Students

A large part of what makes the University Honors College such a powerful tool for professional and academic development are its students, who span every discipline across campus. The varying interests, backgrounds, and goals of LCU Honors Students give the Honors College a diverse spread of ideas and perspectives.

Learn more about the stories of current and past honors students—see where they came from, what their goal are, and what brought them to LCU.

Brittany Michaleson, from Plains, Texas, is a senior Communications major with an emphasis in Mass Media. She is also double minoring in Spanish and in Linguistics. She chose LCU because she wanted the opportunity to attend a school with a tight-knit community where she could be involved in multiple areas around campus.

She loves being a part of her social club Kappa Phi Kappa and served as the 2019-2020 rush chair. She was a director for Kappa’s “A League of Our Own” Master Follies show and won LCU’s Got Talent in 2018. She was a director in the production room at the RIP Griffin Center for many of LCU’s basketball and volleyball games over the past few years. 

Brittany studied abroad in Ávila, Spain in 2018 and made two lifelong friends while exploring the world. In the Spring 2020, she will be completing her degree by traveling to Washington, D.C. and participating in an internship with Voice of America in the Latin American Division.

Some of Brittany’s favorite honors memories include presenting her research at the Scholars Colloquium and traveling to Georgia to present at the National Conference for Undergrad Research. She is also a F. W. Mattox Scholarship recipient and has enjoyed several dinners and activities with each years’ cohorts.

She says she has benefited from being part of the Honors College because of the challenging coursework and the push towards excellence from professors who really care about her.

It is common to find that students had some tie to Lubbock Christian University before becoming a student. Aaron Ellison is no different; in fact, his father is an alum! While the familial connection is how Ellison was introduced to LCU’s existence, it was the Christian atmosphere that won him over. Native to Lubbock, Ellison is a Digital Media Arts major with a minor in History. His favorite class at LCU has been History of Science with Dr. Fehr. What Ellison likes best about the Honors program is that there are abundant opportunities for academic and personal advancement; the best “Honors Moments” occur, according to Ellison, in the Honors Chapels.
Following graduation, Ellison aspires to put his degree to use in the film industry by working on visual effects. 
A fun fact about Ellison is that he has been involved with ministry in India for his entire life, and spent four years living there.

Lindsey (Roach) Holt, from Lubbock, chose Lubbock Christian University because she wanted a high quality Christian education with a variety of involvement opportunities … and something that was affordable. Could such a place exist? Holt says “LCU turned out to be the perfect fit for what I wanted.”

An English major with an emphasis in Professional Writing, Holt’s favorite class so far has been Advanced Composition. She describes it as one of her most challenging classes, and perhaps one of the most surprising. Non-Fiction could be interesting? One might argue that Holt just got lucky … dream university, dream classes … but this is not the exception to the rule at LCU. 

Favorite Honors moment? “Traveling to Ft. Davis with Dr. Fehr and my sister to attend a history conference. She presented. I watched and ate cookies.”
After graduation, Holt’s vision for her life is to find a job, get a puppy, and begin putting the majority of her paycheck towards student loans. “You know, living the college graduate dream.”

Holt works in the University Writing Center, is a member of the Women’s social club Christliche Damen, and is a member of the LCU Praise Choir. Quirky fact? “I eat goldfish two at a time- one for each side of my mouth. If there is only one, I bite it in half.” 

Mrs. Ronna Privett, who nominated Holt for recognition, says the following: “Lindsey is hoping to present at NCUR in the Spring [2015] and is working on her abstract to submit. She is also working to get an internship for the Spring semester for her senior capstone course. Even though she currently has a job that would allow her to intern, she wants to expand her area of experience, so she is looking at potential area businesses that could give her a new opportunity. She is an amazingly self-motivated and organized student with great ideas.”

This Biology major chose LCU because the fit – both academically and spiritually – was the best Markese Bohanon found when searching for Christian colleges in Texas. Although he was born in San Antonio, Bohanon grew up in Okinawa, Japan. Although it is very different from Okinawa, Bohanon is still very happy with the choice he made to attend college in west Texas.

When asked what his favorite class so far has been, he mentioned Reproductive Physiology with Dr. Laughlin. “It is my favorite class because he is a great teacher, and the things that I have learned thus far have been quite amazing. Many times I leave the class wondering, ‘How am I here?’” His question, however, is not shared by those he learns from. Mrs. Lalani Carter, a professor in the Behavioral Sciences department, says the following about Bohanon:

“Markese is not only an exceptional student in the classroom, he is very involved in student organizations (Minority Student Association and Behavioral Sciences Society). Markese has also given considerable time to working/volunteering with Tent City - a homeless ministry in Lubbock.”

Heavily involved on campus as a Resident Assistant at the Living Center, Bohanon also works for the University Writing Center, and is President of the Minority Students Association. If that were not enough for one student, Bohanon is also involved in Undergraduate Research, Paisanos, and Flight Plan!

His favorite part of the Honors program is that students are encouraged to attend speaking and cultural events in order to develop a deeper and more profound “perspective of life.”

After graduation Bohanon plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. His goal is to become a top-flight neuroscientist. Driven by his deep love for God, Bohanon believes that God has blessed him with many gifts and wants to use them to glorify Him.

Amanda Bloomer, from Lubbock, spent her first semester of college at Texas Tech University. She quickly transferred to Lubbock Christian University, and says that it “was the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Her favorite class, Organic Chemistry, has been known to give other students nightmares; still, Bloomer loved it. Dr. Boston’s knowledge and humor made the class for Bloomer. 

Bloomer, a chemistry major, hopes to stay in Texas after graduation. She hopes to either work for an oil and gas company or teach high school chemistry. But, she adds, her dream job would consist of staying home and raising a family. 

Dr. Patty, the director of the University Honors Program, is the feature of the Honors program that Bloomer loves the most. If you ask her, Bloomer will tell you how much he cares for every single honors student! If you ask Bloomer to pinpoint a favorite moment, though, the winner is the free bagels after honors chapel. 

On campus she’s a third-year returning member of the singing group Best Friends. In Kappa Phi Kappa, a women’s social club, she was the 2013 Master Follies Director, and is the 2014 Banquet Director. Also, if you find yourself thinking about intramural sports, you should watch out! Bloomer is an avid intramurals participant. 

What motivates this honors student is that, at the end of the day, she knows she has put forth her best effort in all of her classes. One fun fact about Bloomer is that she’s always dreamed about being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader …. “but I've never been a cheerleader.” 

What sets Bloomer above the rest? “Amanda represents the LCU Honors Program as a member of Best Friends. Other than using her vocal talents, she also represents LCU by being a strong student. She excels in difficult chemistry courses and works at a local laboratory, Osteogenics Biomedical. She has a quiet confidence about her and is able to stand out among the crowd.” - Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Hailing from Brock, Texas, Amy Edwards chose to attend Lubbock Christian University because of the athletic program. A leader on and off the Volleyball court, Edwards has been recognized as an outstanding student by more than one faculty member. As a Biology major, it’s unsurprising that her favorite class has been Anatomy and Phsyiology because of Dr. Laughlin’s passion for the topic.

Her favorite part of the Honors Program is no surprise, either: Dr. Patty’s characteristic helpfulness and genuine concern is recognized by all students.

Edwards will be attending Dental School after graduation, but until then she will remain busy with Volleyball, Student Athlete Advisory Council – and spending her free time playing with her dog, Roscoe.

“Amy is a top student, just as you would expect from any Honors student. One thing that is not necessarily expected from Honors students is their ability to stand out as a strong leader. Amy does just that. She is on the volleyball team, president of the student athlete association [I’m not sure of its official name], and active with other campus groups. She takes charge in the classroom and when studying with her peers to helping them understand hard concepts.” – Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

“Amy takes the lead in class by asking excellent questions and seeks help outside of class from professors on her own initiative. She is also a leader on the volleyball team and is the president of the NCAA student athlete advisory board. She made a great honors presentation in my chemistry class her freshman year over the chemistry of a grease fire and did an actual grease fire demonstration to illustrate the dangers.” – Mrs. Jessica Rogers, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Originally from Whiteface, Texas, Davis chose LCU because she wanted a “more personal university with a good reputation.” It was a ChapDay that caused Davis to fall in love with LCU and its “fantastic atmosphere.”

A Pre-Physician Assistant major, Davis wants to become a Pediatrics Physician Assistant. She’s not sure where she’s going to attend graduate school, but she knows where she wants to go!

Dr. Patty, the director of the Honors program, is a favorite part of Davis’ experience in the LCU Honors program. Her favorite class so far has been “Vocation and Life” with Dr. Patty. “This class taught me to think through things. It taught me to read into the stories of the Bible and try to understand how it relates to my life rather than the traditional meaning behind it. It really helped me develop a more personal relationship with the Bible and learn how to analyze things more. It also allowed me to see different sides of the idea of “vocation” and how it can vary from person to person. And also, Dr. Patty is too smart for his own good and so having him discuss with us philosophy and different perspectives was not only enlightening, but also very entertaining. He’s a great professor.” The Honors Chapels also hold a special place in her heart. The intimate opportunities to get together helps instill a feeling of connection and inclusion.

The support Davis receives from her family is one of the major driving forces in her life, and that’s what gives her the confidence to believe she can accomplish a great deal.

“I love the adventure that comes with new knowledge and different journeys that your education or career can take you. It’s a thrill and so what drives me is knowing that whatever adventure I want to go on next, wherever I want to study (even if it seems beyond my reach) I will be fully supported and no matter what happens along the way, a lesson will be learned. If I fail, it is not the end of the world. I will have a new story to tell and the wisdom that comes with it.”

Davis is involved on campus in the Honors program and the Pre-Health Professionals Club.

A fun fact about Davis is that she and her horse Bucky are Rodeo partners! She loves animals, and both her horse and her dog, Charlie Mae, are major parts of her life.

"I have only known Misty for a few months. She contacted me this summer to ask if she could take organic chemistry as an online/self-study course while she is studying abroad at Oxford this semester (Fall 2014). I told her the truth, it would be very hard, but I’d let her try. Fast forward to today, she has been proactive and diligent in keeping up with the coursework. I have been very impressed with her motivation. She is a standout Honors student." - Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Elijah Madzikatire is an Honors student from Harare, Zimbabwe. A soccer player for the LCU Men’s Soccer Team, Madzikatire first heard about LCU from a former teammate from England, who was considering LCU. Ultimately, it was the interest shown by the soccer coaches and the intimate atmosphere of LCU that tipped the scale. “I felt like [LCU] was where I needed to grow up at.”

Majoring in Digital Media Arts, his favorite classes have been Physics and College Algebra because of all the math involved.

After graduation, Madzikatire is considering either a career in technological design development or as a professional soccer player.

He’s driven by his dreams, but it’s not all about soccer for this athlete; in addition to playing soccer in his free time, Madzikatire enjoys the things other college students do: hanging out and listening to music. Texas is a long way from Zimbabwe. About his background, Madzikatire says: “I'm just different, being an African in America just makes you a bit unique, in a good way.”

Native to Lubbock, Dennis attended Lubbock Christian High School “and just decided I would go across the street.” Why not?

Majoring in Organizational Communication, her favorite class so far has been History with Dr. Fehr. Of the many aspects of the Honors program, her favorite part is that she has the opportunity to attend select classes with the Honors friends she made in her freshman year.

What about the future? Dennis would love to do Public Relations for a small organization.

In addition to being active in the Women’s Social Club Christliche Damen, Dennis enjoys baking and eating. Outside of her culinary adventures, she enjoys hitting the ski slopes during the winter.

Daniel Whitefield, from Odessa, TX, first heard about LCU while he was a camper at Pine Springs Summer Camp. One factor in choosing LCU was that it was "far enough, but not too far from home." 

A triple threat as he simultaneously majors in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, his favorite class so far has been Physical Chemistry "because it tied all the other chemistry and math classes together, and was fun, interesting and challenging." 

With his characteristic humor, Whitefield will answer anyone who asks what his favorite part of the Honors program is: "All the nerds." Nerds, however, need not be grouped into Star Wars fandoms or groups with taped glasses; a formative (and favorite!) moment for Whitefield in the Honors program was during his freshman year; during what might be a routine lecture in Old Testament at any other university, Dr. Long shrouded himself in a Rabbi shawl, stood atop a desk, and quoted the book of Numbers in perfect Hebrew. "Also," Whitefield added, "in the same class he would nonchalantly wave around a ceremonial dagger." 

Although being a triple-major at LCU can be time consuming, Whitefield can see the end of that tunnel and plans to attend graduate school for Biomedical Engineering. When asked what drives him, the answer is simple. "I just enjoy learning," Whitefield says. Additionally, Colossians 3:22-24 is a verse he tries to model his life after. 

Whitefield has been very active on campus, having been a member of Praise Choir since his Sophomore year, and has also been heavily involved in the men's social club Kyodai as both Treasurer (3 years) and President (1 year). Outside of social circles, Whitefield is a TA in the Chemistry labs, a tutor for the Center of Academic Achievement, and currently works in the BRL (also known as the Peanut Lab) on campus. 

What makes Whitefield stand out among the rest? "Daniel has an amazing mind, as is made obvious by his ability to excel while triple majoring in Biology, Chemistry, and Math. He thinks critically about so many areas. He is truly utilizing his talents by pursuing his studies. One thing that really stands out to me about Daniel is his sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with Daniel. We have had deep, intellectual conversations and light-hearted, amusing ones. Daniel exhibits some of his talents through his work as an undergraduate researcher. He is going places." - Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry