Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-health program?

The function of a pre-health profession is to provide access to opportunities, services, and resources for students aspiring to enter various health professions.

What are the benefits of joining a pre-health club?

As part of the Lubbock Christian University College of Professional Studies, the Office of Health Professions (OHP) connects students to faculty mentorship, academic advising, access to campus resources, exposure to health profession internship and shadowing opportunities, information about high impact growth opportunities (e.g., undergraduate research, medical missions, service learning, etc.), and have access to a host of other strategic opportunities to bolster their application and acceptance to professional programs.

What do professional schools look for in applicants?

Professional programs seek well-rounded applicants who understand and have a passion for the field they aspire to work in. Programs also strongly consider soft skills and behavioral nuances, in addition to MCAT score, letters of evaluation, GPAs, and personal statements, as predictive of how applicants will perform in the program.

What major should I choose?

Typically, health professional programs will accept a bachelor’s degree in any discipline for an accredited institution.

What is Lubbock Christian University’s 2016-2017 acceptance rates into health-related professional schools?

We are still compiling staistics for this. The website will be updated once the statistics are finalized.