Undergraduate Research Fact Sheet for Students

How do I become involved in undergraduate research? Contact Barbara Slate, Library Liaison for Undergraduate Research, at barbara.slate@lcu.edu for further information. Or, contact one of your professors or your advisor to learn more about existing opportunities.

Can I get involved as a freshman? Involvement in undergraduate research may be undertaken at any stage of your postsecondary education at LCU.

What majors are involved in undergraduate research? Undergraduate research opportunities involve all academic disciplines.

Can I get course credit for undergraduate research? There are potential opportunities to obtain academic course credit for undergraduate research projects. Contact your faculty mentor or your advisor for more information.

How will undergraduate research help me in the future? Participating in an undergraduate research project provides a number of opportunities for students. Experience in conducting research provides preparation for acceptance into graduate or professional school. Additionally, these accomplishments added to a resume improve career prospects. Practical application of the theories learned in class enhances understanding of these concepts and increases learning. Completed projects may open doors to grants, scholarships, or awards.

Who will guide me through my research? Each undergraduate research project proceeds under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Faculty may approach students regarding participation in an undergraduate research opportunity, or students often approach faculty members to ask whether or not they would be interested in mentoring research or helping develop ideas. A current research project may provide an opportunity to become involved.