Aaron Ellison

It is common to find that students had some tie to Lubbock Christian University before becoming a student. Aaron Ellison is no different; in fact, his father is an alum! While the familial connection is how Ellison was introduced to LCU’s existence, it was the Christian atmosphere that won him over. Native to Lubbock, Ellison is a Digital Media Arts major with a minor in History. His favorite class at LCU has been History of Science with Dr. Fehr. What Ellison likes best about the Honors program is that there are abundant opportunities for academic and personal advancement; the best “Honors Moments” occur, according to Ellison, in the Honors Chapels.
Following graduation, Ellison aspires to put his degree to use in the film industry by working on visual effects.
A fun fact about Ellison is that he has been involved with ministry in India for his entire life, and spent four years living there.