Amy Edwards

Hailing from Brock, Texas, Amy Edwards chose to attend Lubbock Christian University because of the athletic program. A leader on and off the Volleyball court, Edwards has been recognized as an outstanding student by more than one faculty member. As a Biology major, it’s unsurprising that her favorite class has been Anatomy and Phsyiology because of Dr. Laughlin’s passion for the topic.

Her favorite part of the Honors Program is no surprise, either: Dr. Patty’s characteristic helpfulness and genuine concern is recognized by all students.

Edwards will be attending Dental School after graduation, but until then she will remain busy with Volleyball, Student Athlete Advisory Council – and spending her free time playing with her dog, Roscoe.

“Amy is a top student, just as you would expect from any Honors student. One thing that is not necessarily expected from Honors students is their ability to stand out as a strong leader. Amy does just that. She is on the volleyball team, president of the student athlete association [I’m not sure of its official name], and active with other campus groups. She takes charge in the classroom and when studying with her peers to helping them understand hard concepts.” – Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

“Amy takes the lead in class by asking excellent questions and seeks help outside of class from professors on her own initiative. She is also a leader on the volleyball team and is the president of the NCAA student athlete advisory board. She made a great honors presentation in my chemistry class her freshman year over the chemistry of a grease fire and did an actual grease fire demonstration to illustrate the dangers.” – Mrs. Jessica Rogers, Assistant Professor of Chemistry