Featured Student: Daniel Whitefield

Daniel Whitefield, from Odessa, TX, first heard about LCU while he was a camper at Pine Springs Summer Camp. One factor in choosing LCU was that it was "far enough, but not too far from home."

A triple threat as he simultaneously majors in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, his favorite class so far has been Physical Chemistry "because it tied all the other chemistry and math classes together, and was fun, interesting and challenging."

With his characteristic humor, Whitefield will answer anyone who asks what his favorite part of the Honors program is: "All the nerds." Nerds, however, need not be grouped into Star Wars fandoms or groups with taped glasses; a formative (and favorite!) moment for Whitefield in the Honors program was during his freshman year; during what might be a routine lecture in Old Testament at any other university, Dr. Long shrouded himself in a Rabbi shawl, stood atop a desk, and quoted the book of Numbers in perfect Hebrew. "Also," Whitefield added, "in the same class he would nonchalantly wave around a ceremonial dagger."

Although being a triple-major at LCU can be time consuming, Whitefield can see the end of that tunnel and plans to attend graduate school for Biomedical Engineering. When asked what drives him, the answer is simple. "I just enjoy learning," Whitefield says. Additionally, Colossians 3:22-24 is a verse he tries to model his life after.

Whitefield has been very active on campus, having been a member of Praise Choir since his Sophomore year, and has also been heavily involved in the men's social club Kyodai as both Treasurer (3 years) and President (1 year). Outside of social circles, Whitefield is a TA in the Chemistry labs, a tutor for the Center of Academic Achievement, and currently works in the BRL (also known as the Peanut Lab) on campus.

What makes Whitefield stand out among the rest? "Daniel has an amazing mind, as is made obvious by his ability to excel while triple majoring in Biology, Chemistry, and Math. He thinks critically about so many areas. He is truly utilizing his talents by pursuing his studies. One thing that really stands out to me about Daniel is his sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoy my conversations with Daniel. We have had deep, intellectual conversations and light-hearted, amusing ones. Daniel exhibits some of his talents through his work as an undergraduate researcher. He is going places." - Dr. Amanda Boston, Assistant Professor of Chemistry