Lubbock Christian University

Welcome LCU Parents

We are excited to partner with you as we prepare your student for a life of purpose and service. Informed, engaged, and supportive parents play a vital role in a student’s college experience. The resources below will provide information as you learn more about your student’s new community. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation is a time for parents to engage with the LCU community, be equipped with information and insight, and encouragement for the journey ahead. Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 18 and Friday, August 19 for this important time as a parent, friend, and mentor of your LCU Chap.

Full Schedule

GO Orientation isn't just for students—we have valuable resources and sessions for parents, too. Check out the full schedule!

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What Parents Need to Know about FERPA

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is a Federal law that protects the rights of students by defining who has access to student educational records. Now that your student is in college, FERPA laws transfer ownership of the educational records directly to the student; therefore, parents have no inherent rights to view, change, or control the student’s educational records.

How does FERPA affect me?

In general, unless your student gives you access to her/his academic and/or financial records, we will not be able to share any related information with you. Academic records include registration, schedule, and grades. The student financial account is a detailed record of all costs of attendance, miscellaneous charges, and related financial assistance. Students and those who have granted access will be able to view and pay student financial account information online through the LCU Student Account Center.

How do I gain access to my student’s academic and financial records?

Parents who want access to college student account information including most recent statement, financial assistance, and/or grades will need to gain access through their student’s LCU Self Serve Account. In addition, students may also sign a release form with the Registrar’s office allowing parents access to financial and non-directory educational record information.

How to Pay a Student Bill

1.  Authorized Payer:

Students authorize parents in the LCU Student Account Center (SAC). Students will receive an invitation to register their account in their LCU email.

2.  Manage Account Access:

Login to the SAC, click Manage Account Access, add user. Parents will then receive an email invitation.

3.  Credit Cards and E-checks are accepted.

4.  Parent Access in the SAC equates to FERPA authorization for financial services only.


Checks, money orders, or cashier checks to: 
ATTN:  Cashier
Student LCU Business Office
5601 19th Street
Lubbock, Texas, 79407

Student Resources

Located in the north end of the Center for Academic Achievement (CAA), the Center for Student Success is committed to helping students achieve and maintain academic success. We offer several services, including:


Free, personalized, tutoring is available for all students.


Each incoming freshman will be contacted by a mentor. Mentors provide encouragement and information to help students transition smoothly into their first year of college.

Disability Services

Any student experiencing a disability is encouraged to speak with Disability Services to evaluate assistance options.

Academic Testing

Provides access to exams like CLEP, ACT, and the University Skills Test

The University Writing Center (located in the library) is an interdisciplinary student resource that offers free, individualized help from trained student consultants to discuss any of the following: deciding on a topic; clarifying and organizing ideas; outlining, drafting and revising; improving grammar and punctuation; citing sources accurately.

Counseling Center Page

The LCU Counseling Center provides professional, confidential services for a variety of personal, relational, and academic concerns. Students seeking individual counseling are entitled to an intake or consultation free of charge. After the initial session, each subsequent session will be $10 each, but students are also invited to participate in support groups, campus programs, and other opportunities for personal growth.

The Counseling Center is staffed by caring individuals who have the student’s best interest in mind. The counselors are licensed professionals, or master’s level graduate students working under the supervision of the Director. Our counselors can help with issues related to stress and anxiety; relationships and breakups; emergent crises; grief; recovery from abuse; academic concerns; family problems; depression; alcohol and drugs, as well as other  matters related to our students’ mental health. For additional information, please contact:

Medical Clinic Page

The LCU Student Health Office is dedicated to the compassionate care and understanding of each of our patients. The clinic staff is dedicated to the health and wellness of our student population and emphasizes preventative care and health education during patient visits as well as during outreach programming.

The Student Health Office is staffed with a registered nurse who is available for nursing assessment and treatment, health education, and facilitating connections to local physicians when indicated. 

The Student Health Office is conveniently located on the second floor of the Student Union Building on campus. This is free to the students and provides a welcoming and informative environment for our student body at LCU. 

Office hours are from 8-5, Monday through Thursday and from 8-noon on Fridays each Fall and Spring semester.

LCU Public Safety is committed to service of the Lubbock Christian University community. The mission of LCU Public Safety is to provide a secure and safe environment for students, visitors, faculty, and staff to realize their full potential while supporting the mission of the university. LCU Public Safety provides:

  • 24/7 Security Patrols
  • Escorts to and from locations
  • Motorist Assists (Jump starts)
  • Crime prevention and awareness
  • Conducts and Promotes Personal Awareness and Safety 


The think! campaign is aimed at encouraging students to think about their actions and decisions before putting them into action. The primary goals are to improve driving safety, personal safety, and safety from harm such as drugs and alcohol.

LCUAlert system.

The LCUAlert system utilizes the technology of Everbridge to notify students, faculty, and staff through e-mails, phone calls, and SMS Text Messaging. LCU Public Safety schedules and conducts a test at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Students are able to update or correct their contact information any time through LCU Self-Serve.

FREE On-Campus Car Care Clinic

Each semester LCU Public Safety partners with a local mechanic shop for a FREE Car Care Clinic that provides students free “trip checks” and some peace of mind before they leave town. Technicians will check tires, hoses, belts, fluids as well as provide battery and AC inspection. 

Campus Housing

Living on campus is convenient and comfortable – and it’s fun! Incoming students who live on campus are more likely to make friends, excel in their courses, and have an easier time adjusting socially. Sharing a space with other students from varying backgrounds provides you with an education you won’t find in a classroom. Residential living is more than a room in which you sleep. When you live on campus at LCU, you will understand a whole new level of fellowship and community. 

Who is required to live on campus?

At Lubbock Christian University, all full time, single, undergraduate students who have been out of high school less than four long semesters (two years) are required to live in campus housing. Find out more about the residency requirement policy and housing options.

Making Travel Plans.

Katie Rogers Hall, Johnson Hall, and Dining Services are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring breaks. At the end of each semester, residents in these halls are required to move out within 24 hours of their last final exam. Holiday dates (right) will help you plan and get the best rates on airfare.

Don’t Forget to Bring!

• Bedding (X-long twin)
• Coffee Maker
• Computer
• Decorative Items  (to personalize the room) 
• Dorm-Sized Refrigerator* (if larger than 2.5 cubic feet, it must sit on the floor)
• Fan (small)
• Iron or Steamer
• Laundry Basket 
• Microwave* (700-watt) 
• Storage Bins
• Towels
• Trash Can
• Surge protector

*Only one per room. Contact your student’s roommate to avoid duplication.

Campus Closings

Classes will not meet on many holidays throughout the semester, however there are just a few dates when the residence and dining halls will close:

  • Thanksgiving Break:  Nov. 23-27, 2022
  • Christmas Break:  Dec. 10, 2022 - Jan. 8, 2023
  • Spring Break:  March 11-19, 2023

Campus Dining

Learn about Meal Plans and Munch Money.

The Caf

The Caf is the main dining facility located in the heart of campus. The Caf features fresh entrée stations, a salad bar with a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and stations for pizza, soup, baked potatoes, sandwiches, and the rotating specials of Center Stage.

Chap Express

Chap Express is located in the Mabee Student Life Building (SUB).  It’s a great place to purchase a hot meal along with grab and go sandwiches and snacks.


Starbucks Located in the LCU Library, is a great place for students to get their favorite drink and hang out with friends, study, or read a good book.  

A made without gluten station is  available in the Caf. For other dietary needs or questions, have your  student speak to Salvador or Randy in Dining Services. 

Student Organizations

Being involved is a vital part of the LCU experience. Whether your student is into art, business, student government, or just looking for a great group of friends, LCU has something for everyone. From our social clubs to our professional organizations and interest groups, your student is sure to find a place to call home. The fall semester hosts the Get Busy Bash, Involvement Fair, and the Rush process, all of which are ways to get to know student organizations. These organizations provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and build relationships outside of the classroom as well as put their passion, ideas, and interests into action. Clubs and organizations bring life to our campus with their various events and activities including intramurals, taste of culture, athletic events, and devotional opportunities. They also impact the Lubbock community with individual service projects done throughout the year like volunteering at the Children’s Home of Lubbock, singing at a nursing home, or doing yard work for disabled Veterans. Every spring, our clubs and organizations come together to promote and participate in Collide, a campus wide service initiative. These student organizations provide a place for your student to grow and learn as they prepare for lives of purpose and service.

Spiritual Life

LCU is dedicated to developing students academically, emotionally, and spiritually. We provide several opportunities for students to grow spiritually while on campus at LCU. Each student is required to take biblical studies courses for academic credit as well as attend daily chapel in order to fulfill the spiritual life credit requirement. In addition to required spiritual education, LCU offers a variety of optional spiritual growth opportunities.  Some of the more popular offerings are the blur worship experiences, mission trips, and student led devotionals. There is no shortage of opportunities to engage and grow spiritually at LCU and it is our prayer that all students have a life changing experience while on campus.

LCU Lingo

The Chap (pronounced “shap”):

More commonly known as a roadrunner, the Chap is the LCU mascot. There are two bronze statues located on campus, one along 19th Street and the other in the heart of campus. When someone says, “Let’s meet at the Chap,” that usually means the one in the campus mall.

AD or “The ADMIN”:

The F.W. Maddox Administration Building was the first permanent building constructed on campus. Located on the north end, it is now home to Financial Services, the Registrar, President’s Office, the Department of Business and classrooms.


Mabee American Heritage Building is home to the Humanities Department and the Office of the Provost. The Cardwell Lecture Hall and many other classrooms are located in this building.

The Baker:

The Baker Conference Center is located next to the Caf and is used for conferences, dinners, and seminars. The adjacent Bozeman Room is utilized for smaller meetings and gatherings.


The Center for Academic Achievement is the home of Communication/Fine Arts classrooms and offices as well as the Center for Student Success (CSS). The CSS is where student can sign up for testing, tutoring, disability services, and connect with their campus mentor.

The Caf:

The main dining facility in the center of campus.


The Christian Development Center is a premier building located on the south end of the mall area. The CDC is the home for the Bible Department and Honors Program, and is utilized by many student groups after hours.

Chap Desk:

The technology building located off of Eileen Blvd. The Chap Desk provides free technology support for students. 

Chap Store:

Located in the back of the first floor of the SUB, this hidden gem is the place to purchase LCU apparel, notebooks, and supplies or to learn more about ordering textbooks from the online bookstore.

The Mall:

The mall area defines the scenic interior area in the heart of campus from the F.W. Mattox Administration Building on the north end to the Christian Development Center on the south end.  

The REC:

The Rhodes Perrin Recreation Center is located on the south end of campus. The 70,000 square foot facility is the hub for intramurals, recreational basketball, soccer, volleyball, and many other activities. The Ramona Perrin Fitness Center is equipped with state of the art equipment and compliments the premier climbing wall. Rec Center housing is located on the west side of the building.

The RIP:

The Rip Griffin Center is the home court of the nationally recognized Chap volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball teams.  


The Mabee Student Life Building is a place for students to relax, visit, play games, check mail, grab a bite to eat, or shop for new LCU gear at the Chap Store.

Important Numbers

  • LCU Campus: 806.796.8800
  • Admissions: 806.720.7151
  • Alumni Relations: 806.720.7228
  • Athletics: 806.720.7276
  • Chap Desk/Technology Services: 806.720.7100
  • Chap Store/Bookstore: 806.720.7526
  • Counseling Center: 806.720.7478
  • Office of Student Professional Development: 806.720.7376
  • Public Safety (24 hour): 806.928.6803
  • Financial Assistance: 806.720.7176
  • Residential Life/Housing: 806.720.7507
  • Student Life: 806.720.7501
  • Student Business Office: 806.720.7302