Lubbock Christian University
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Ann Sims, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

  • M. A., Texas Tech University
  • B. S., Abilene Christian University


After graduating from ACU, Mrs. Sims moved to Lubbock to begin her teaching career. It started at Lubbock High School, where she taught all levels of mathematics from remedial classes to AP Honors courses. Teaching at Lubbock High brought both personal fulfillment and professional success. During her ten years at Lubbock High School, Mrs. Sims coached several academic teams to district, regional, and state titles as well as two national championships. In order to devote more time to her children, Mrs. Sims left Lubbock High School and began teaching at LCU, part-time at the beginning and full time since 2001. She now enjoys showing the beauty of mathematics to several hundred college students a year. She is married to Doug, an architect, and they have two beautiful teenagers, Joseph and Emily.