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Student research Undergraduate research at Lubbock Christian University is a growing concern. How do we grow a better tasting peanut? Help us find out! Gain hands-on experience in wet chemistry as well as the use of HPLC and GC. Put these skills to work in grad school, medical school, pharmacy school; the choice is yours.

A major goal of our department is for every undergraduate student in our programs to have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of original research, including planning, design, experimentation, and publication.
We are actively training undergraduates in the process of scientific inquiry well before graduate school. Below are a few examples of the current research being conducted by students in our department.

Student involved in research

“Undergraduate research has been an integral part of my college career over the last year. The experience I have had working under Dr. Marshall and Ms. Porter has been an incredible learning opportunity that I will remember far beyond my education. During my time of here I have been able to learn dozens of important laboratory techniques that will certainly be useful as I begin my career. The lab experience has also greatly enhanced my classroom experience, giving me great insight on the practical application of class material. More importantly however, I have practiced cooperation and have built up several strong relationships that I hope to maintain for the years to come. Dr. Marshall, Ms. Porter, and the rest of the staff has been an absolute joy to work for and I have been blessed beyond measure by their encouragement, patience, and support. I would without hesitation recommend undergraduate research to any student of chemistry, as the experience is invaluable and the relationships priceless.” Bryan Hettick, chemistry major and researcher


Here are the titles of a few of our student research presentations:

  • “Quality and Stability of Peanut Oils in Raw Nuts Treated with Ultraviolet Light to Reduce Bacterial Loads”
  • ”Optimal Growth Parameters of Pycnoporous sanguineus for Enzymatic Breakdown of Peanut Hulls”
  • “Using DNA Profiles to Determine the Commonality of Escherichia coli Isolated from Canada Geese Feces and Urban Playa Lake Water”
  • “Genetic Sequencing of Lignin Peroxidase and Manganese Peroxidase Producing Genes in Pycnoporous sanguineus” Survival of Escherichia coli in Relation to the Disaccharide Trehalose”
  • “Optimizing manufacturing protocol for the production of charges used in plugging hydrofracking wells”