Samantha, Joel, and Alyssa

Samantha Torrez

Bachelor of Arts in History
May 2016 Graduate
Tandem Software Support Specialist, CoNetrix

Samantha (Sam) is currently living in Lubbock, Texas, with her adorable and goofy cat, Ferguson. Her only plans right now are to take life one day at a time, and pursue the wonderful career she has ahead of her at CoNetrix. She enjoys working with a large group of LCU alumni and friends, and using her public speaking skills on an almost daily basis. Sam’s hobbies include hanging out with her friends, binge-watching shows on Netflix, reading (fiction and non-fiction) and attempting to paint (occasionally). She misses her friends at LCU, but wants to stay invested as an alumna of not only LCU, but Zeta Gamma. She gives credit for her excellent work skills to her professors in the Humanities Department, and her bosses at the ChapDesk and University Writing Center. She also plans to meet every member of the Harry Potter cast, and has already put part of this plan into motion by meeting Fred and George Weasley.


Joel Martin

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
May 2013 Graduate
Network Engineer, CoNetrix

Joel currently lives in Lubbock with his wife Lauren. After graduating with a Humanities degree in History and English, he took a full time position in the Technology department at Lubbock Christian University. He is currently working as a Network Engineer at CoNetrix and is in pursuit of several technology certifications. He hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in History and explore teaching at the collegiate level.


Alyssa Pugh

Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communications
December 2013 Graduate
Tandem Software Support Specialist, CoNetrix 

Alyssa (Middleton) Pugh currently lives in Lubbock with her husband Matthew. Since graduation, Alyssa has received her CompTIA Security+ Certification and has worked for CoNetrix as a support specialist for Tandem, an information security and compliance software suite. In addition to customer support and education, Alyssa assists with content, design, and site testing for the software. She also authors security articles for national banking magazines, helps develop marketing materials, and presents at speaking engagements over security and compliance. She loves living in Lubbock and is blessed to work at CoNetrix with several friends from her time at Lubbock Christian University.