Welcome to the Department of Humanities

Humanities majors enjoy a broad education, one that looks at not only humanities courses like history, English, and political science, but also a variety of psychology, business, science, and art courses. What's great about the humanities degree is its flexibility, since our students choose an area of specialization that fits their interests. Check out the Programs of Study and Graduates pages to find more information about how you can tailor your humanities degree plan.

English and history majors are usually students who would like to explore a chosen area in more depth. We have wonderful professors teaching English and history, like Dr. Carole Carroll, who uses a strong media focus in all her classes, and Dr. Kregg Fehr, who always teaches courses, like Texas history where students go on field trips, with great energy. The humanities department can say with confidence that its faculty includes some of the most interesting and motivating professors on campus.

We hope you enjoy a fulfilling time here at LCU, and we look forward to seeing you along the way and helping your on your journey.


Dr. Ronna Privett

Chair, Department of Humanities