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"We tell the LCU story through voices that come from every decade of the university’s existence. This diversity of authors and experiences helps to capture LCU’s very heartbeat. This book is not a comprehensive history of LCU, but rather a collection of stories beautifully and lovingly written by individuals who in many cases are sharing firsthand accounts of what happened and who in every case write out of a deep and enduring affection for the university."
- Excerpt from the Foreword by L. Timothy Perrin

What began as little more than a dream in a cotton field, Lubbock Christian University stands 60 years later—a vibrant and growing institution of higher learning committed to transforming the hearts, minds, and hands of its students for lives of purpose and service.  Learn how historical 20th century Church of Christ figures like Don Morris, K.C. Moser, F.W. Mattox, and M. Norvel Young were influential to the founders and the founding of this life-changing university.  This collection of first-hand accounts, remembrances, and essays reveal a rich heritage marked by God's providential hand in a 60-year story of faith.

Celebrating LCU's sixtieth anniversary, this new book contains essays by men and women of faith including:

  • Dr. R. Gerald Turner ('66), SMU President
  • Drs. Steven ('65) and Emily ('65) Lemley, Former LCU President and First Lady
  • Dr. L. Ken Jones, LCU Chancellor

Available online or in the ChapStore for $25.  

Contributing Authors

  • Jim Beck
  • Rod Blackwood
  • Susan Blassingame
  • Steve Bonner
  • David Boyer
  • Bob Cass
  • Kelli Childre
  • Laurie Doyle
  • Sheila Dye
  • Wanda Dyess
  • David Fraze
  • Michael Hardin
  • Lindsey Holt
  • Bobby Hooten III
  • Shawn Hughes
  • Kecia Jackson
  • Ken Jones
  • Suzie Jones
  • John King
  • Michelle Kraft
  • Emily Lemley
  • Steve Lemley
  • Jesse Long
  • JoAnn Long
  • Tracy Mack
  • Julie Marshall
  • Warren McNeill
  • Stacy Patty
  • Doug Perrin
  • Lucy Perrin
  • Tim Perrin
  • Ronna Privett
  • Jim Ravanelli
  • Kevin Rhodes
  • Renee Rhodes
  • Toby Rogers
  • Brian Starr
  • Josh Stephens
  • Charles Stephenson
  • Jim Bob Swafford
  • Gerald Turner
  • Don Williams

All who love [the LCU] story can but stand in humility, with thanksgiving, for LCU's courageous founders, all of them, whether known or not.  Their sacrifices are yet visible and, in those founders we have a great cloud of witnesses around us.  They are cheering us on with their example. Like them we look to the future with faith, hope, and love.

- Dr. Steven S. Lemley, Fourth President of LCU

Excerpts from the Book

"Gerald Kendrick was... the kind of professor that inquisitive students love... His great gift to me was that he taught me the Bible could be studied just like any other book... As a result, I took a course from Professor Kendrick all four semesters I was at LCC."
- Gerald Turner

"[The] 'Student Protest that wouldn't go away'... started in 1960, and smoldered on the campus for four years... To the public, it may have been a non-story, but to those who wanted to change the name of the LCC mascot to anything other than a Pioneer, it was important."
- Jim Ravanelli

"When Dr. Harvie Pruitt spoke to the Associates on their 50th anniversary in 2007, he quoted Irene Sherrod's 1958 recruitment speech... She said, 'In the years to come we shall take justifiable pride in this great college, which will be serving thousands of students by giving them a well-rounded education with emphasis on the spiritual...'"
- Lucy Perrin, Susie Jones, and Emily Y. Lemley

"Those of us who know and love [LCU] have no doubt about why so many people have sacrificed so much for the university.  Dr. F. W. Mattox and the other founding fathers and mothers of LCU... set the tone sixty years ago... That pioneering spirit of doing the work, not for glory or fame but for the Lord and his kingdom – that spirit is what built LCU, what has sustained her for sixty years, and what will help secure the future of LCU for students who will come in the next sixty years."
- Susan Blassingame