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LCU Ring Program

Celebrate an Enduring Legacy

To quote Dr. F.W. Mattox, LCU's first president, "Any student who could have attended LCC and did not was underprivileged." Mattox's words have been a reminder of the achievements of the university's rich heritage for decades. Graduates from LCU still embody the LCU tradition of excellence in faith, character, education, and citizenship, the same values the school was founded. As a reminder of this legacy of excellence, we are proud to present the official LCU ring.

The LCU ring is the official ring of LCU grads and alums. The ring commemorates God's protection, provision, and care over each graduate and alum both while at LCU and post-graduation. No matter where you may be, the ring will identify you as an LCU alum and a member of our heritage.

Features of the LCU Ring include:

  • A cross, representing the central, unifying foundation of our university and our community.
  • The "LCC" and "LCU" symbols, representing the school's transition from LCC to LCU.
  • The traditional brick pattern, common to the buildings throughout campus. 
  • One of LCU's most prominent buildings, the Christian Development Center, and the name "CHAPS" which celebrates our school's mascot. 

The ring is available to those students or alumni with 60 credit hours or more. To learn more about the ring program or to place an order, contact the Office of Alumni Relations by email (, by phone (806.720.7218), or visit

Ring Savings Program

New, full-time undergraduate students with fewer than sixty (60) credit hours will be charged a $90 ring installment payment at the start of every semester for four (4) semesters. NOTE: Due to the nature of their LCU experience, transfer students and nursing students are not automatically enrolled; if they wish to join the Ring Savings Program, they may choose to opt in at any time by contacting the Alumni Relations Office.  The Ring Savings Program provides students with the funds to purchase a ring upon attainment of sixty (60) credit hours at LCU.  Due to the higher cost of men's rings and fluctuating cost of gold, students who wish to contribute more than the four (4) semesters of ring installments may ask the Alumni Relations Office to raise their limit and deduct funds for six (6) semesters.  

At the beginning of each semester, Alumni Relations will host "Ring Days", in which representatives of Balfour, the ring manufacturer, will be available to answer questions about the LCU ring and take orders from qualified students.  The balance from each student's ring savings account reduces the total price of the ring selected by each student.  Those students who purchase a ring during Ring Days will be invited to participate in the Ring Ceremony.  Friends, family, and alumni are encouraged and welcome to attend the ceremony.