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Breakout Session III

Thursday, April 8, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Christian Development Center — Room 103

(Session Presented in Spanish)

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
3:00 PM Cherokee Martinez Strength of Hispanic Female Poets and the Issues They Weren't Scared to Discuss
3:30 PM Luis Navarro Latin Racism

Christian Development Center — Room 202

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
3:00 PM Shannon Rains, Jennifer Dabbs, and Kaley Ihfe The Meanings Women Assign to Inclusion in Public Worship Roles at Broadway Church of Christ
3:30 PM JoAnn Long and Rebecca Cantu Teaching Cultural Competence

Ling Science Center — Room 100

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
3:00 PM Athena Muniz Introducing Underclassmen to Undergraduate Research Programs
3:30 PM Angela Donaldson Dictation on Pharmaceutical Drugs Through Liquid Chromatography for the Possible Outcomes Ran Against Different Substances and Procedures
4:00 PM Cristian Cortez Nitrate Concentration Differences in Rural and Urban Locations

Ling Science Center — Room 101

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
3:00 PM Jennifer Glenn Benefits of Using Intranasal Oxytocin for Autistic Children's Social Cues
3:30 PM Taylor Gray Stress Affect on Ovis aries Reproduction
4:00 PM Hannah Ward The Impact Certain Physiological Components Have on Managing Blood Glucose in Type 1 Diabetic College Students