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Breakout Session IV

Friday, April 9, 2021
8:15 AM - 9:45 AM

Christian Development Center — Room 103

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
8:15 AM Jesse Long Reading 1 & 2 Kings Theologically
8:45 AM Mark Sneed Reading Ecclesiastes
9:15 AM Brandon Fredenburg Crowd Sourcing "Reading Ezekiel"

Dobbs Center for Business — Room 104

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
8:15 AM B. Blaze Taylor Unpopular Facts: America Was Not Founded as a Christian Nation
8:45 AM Russell Dabbs Policy Indicator or Imposter? Federal Funds Rate Targeting Post-2008

Ling Science Center — Room 101

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
8:15 AM Michal Stout Detection of Wastewater Derived Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Surface Water
8:45 AM Cailie Bradford Nitrate Concentration Differences in Rural and Urban Locations
9:15 AM Keaton Greenwalt Developing an Undergraduate Research Program for Underclassman

Christian Development Center — Room 111

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
8:15 AM Philip Camp and Byron Rogers Musical Interpretation and Expression as a Commentary on Luke 15
8:45 AM Madison Shields Creativity and Madness: An Analysis of Evidence Supporting the Mad
9:15 AM Maddie Credle Pride and Prejudice, and Personality: A Psychological Approach to Characterization in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Center for Academic Achievement — Room 120

Time Presenter Title of Presentation
8:15 AM Carson Cooper Fasting: a potential treatment for obesity and its associated comorbidities
8:45 AM Cora Gee The Recent Improvements Made in the Artificial Insemination and in vitro Fertilization Made in the Cattle Production Industry.
9:15 AM Kameron Deterding Prevention of Vesicular Stomatitis in Livestock