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Video caption for What is vocati: though vocati is a one-week intensive and which students are disoriented a little bit they're taken out of their comfort zone and placed in a deeply rich spiritual environment the entire week is framed around monastic prayers and theological questioning that gives them an opportunity to reflect more about their vocational discernment and their relationship with God it's really a program that's designed to emerge you more into faith into the theological implications of faith it's for students who are wanting to engage with those areas that are really wanting to dive deeper into what it means to be a Christian what it means to follow the statutes that the Bible has set up for us and what it means to love and to hope and to have faith in the Lord anyone who's was searching for that or who's looking to be a leader or just wants to go deeper in ministry vacati has been been wonderful for helping me develop those leadership qualities and just kind of giving me a deeper appreciation for God and people you see these students who are so thirsty and to learn and to grow and you get to see so much of what it looks like to have fervor that's new they came to the Lord getting to see that and see the leaders that they will be is so fun it's a part I can it's a part of the community of vacati that you get to experience that and grow with them and they help you grow and ways that you didn't expect the goal of okatee is to help students learn how to do ministry now while they're young rather than waiting for them to be adults to contribute to the kingdom of God we believe that every student has certain unique skills and talents and passions that are given to them by God and so we hope to help the students discover what those are and how they can use it for God in this kingdom you
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What is the Vocati Institute?

Lubbock Christian University is proud to announce the establishment of the Vocati Institute: a Missional Youth Theology Institute made possible by a generous grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. The Vocati Institute will bring together an interdisciplinary group of experienced Christian leaders with high-school aged men and women to inform, prepare, and encourage them for lifetimes of theological exploration, spiritual discernment, and faithful engagement in their churches and communities. Vocati aims to create spaces where young people can go to cultivate their intellectual curiosity, explore deeper questions about God and faith, and make sense of their place and purpose in an increasingly complex, global world.

The Vocati team believes that every high school student wrestle with deep questions of theology. For this reason, we call all of our Vocati students “scholars” and each scholar must be nominated by a church mentor or leader. The nomination process confirms both for Vocati and the student that their spiritual mentor sees in them a readiness to engage in a theological rich discussion.

The Vocati Institute is a year-long program distributed into two components. The first component will occur towards the end of the summer when students attend a weeklong residency. The residency offers the students an intentional community of spiritual formation in which the group moves through a process of theological orientation, creativity, and embodiment. After the weeklong residency, the scholars develop a missional practice in which they discern God’s activity in their contexts and develop a theological norm that they will then embody as they live more intentionally into their context. The missional practice enables students to build upon their intensive experience with ongoing support, guidance, and connections with the Institute and the students’ congregational nominating sponsor. Scholars who complete the program receive a $1000 scholarship to LCU!

Important Dates

Vocati 2021

  • March 1 - Vocati accepting applications
  • June 15 - All forms are due
  • June 1 - Notification of acceptance begins
  • July 25 – 29 Vocati Residency, White River Youth Camp, Crosbyton, TX
    • Youth and Family Ministers interested in attending Vocati as a “Guest for a Day” should contact JoAnn Long at for further information.
    • We are closely monitoring recommendations related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Support the Vocati Institute

Due to the generosity of Lilly Endowment, Inc. the Vocati Institute is fully funded for the next four years. However, it is necessary that the Vocati Institute seek additional partners to journey with us in the future. When you make a gift of any size you are contributing to the formation of young people for lives of Christian leadership in the church and throughout the world. We are grateful for your partnership and participation in the formation of the emerging generation of Christian leaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents/Guardians

The residency portion of the Institute will be held at White River Youth Camp in Crosbyton, TX. Once back from the residency, students begin the missional-living online portion, Vocati in Action. Students will have access to our online learning management system, Moodle, where they will continue to build the connections established during the residency. Online they will watch lectures, be assigned readings, participate in asynchronous forums, and be led in the development of their mission project and portfolios.

Due to a generous grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. and our wonderful partners, there is no charge for the Vocati Institute. Transportation costs incurred during travel to and from LCU are to be paid by the applicant. Costs may be incurred by the student as they implement their missional project, for basic supplies, or for snack food while traveling. Also, thanks to donors, scholars attend the summer institute at no cost.

Your child’s safety and security is of the utmost concern to the administration and staff of the Vocati Institute. We have developed specific and detailed policies to ensure that your children remain safe while they are under our care. Emergency services are located close to the retreat facility. If treatment at either the doctor's office or emergency room is required, your health insurance will be the primary insurance. If a situation arises concerning the treatment of your child, you will be notified immediately by the medical staff and/or a year-round staff member. Further details can be found in the release portion of the student’s application.

Due to the programmatic design of the Institute, students will be heavily engaged with LCU faculty and current university students. The content of the Institute is designed to immerse your student into rich and deep theological exploration, spiritual discernment, and thoughtful engagement. These leaders have committed to invest heavily in your student’s life. Together, all will be encouraged to think critically about current issues and the impact these issues have on their lives and communities. It is our desire that your child will explore, discern, and engage with what they believe into every aspect of their lives.

In addition to the time and resources that LCU professors and students will invest directly through instruction and mentoring, the university will also award a $1000 institutional scholarship to participants who complete the full one-year program.