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Follies Friday graphic of the directors for the 2018 Master Follies club shows

Follies Fridays: "Directing the Show"

The eight social clubs at Lubbock Christian University each pour incredible amounts of work, effort, and time into creating a Follies show each year (except perhaps Sub T-16).

From the writing process, to the rehearsals, to the costuming and special effects, and culminating in the stage performance, several students manage the entire process from day one to final bow. These Master Follies directors put their heart and soul into the shows they create and try to foster bonding experiences within the club. Below, one director from each of the eight clubs shared what their goals are for Master Follies – both in their show and in their club.

Master Follies is one of the longest-standing traditions on campus, as well as one of the largest student activities. Tickets for the 2018, 60th Anniversary Master Follies “Can’t Stop This Feeling” are available now. The Saturday night show is already sold out, but the presentation of awards will be streamed live on the LCU Facebook page. 

(The Follies Fridays story series concludes today. Read the previous installments, "Judging the Show," "Hosting the Show,” and "Creating the Show," now before going to see opening night of Follies!)


Master Follies is so deeply rooted into Koinonia. It is where we bond, grow, and make memories as a club. We take Follies so serious for that reason. You come in as a freshman thinking it’s a silly song and dance competition, and then you realize all the good that can come from it. We hope our new members take away lifelong memories, friendships, and love for their first Follies experience. Because no one in Koinonia forgets their first Follies show.

 – Cody Winegar

Lambda Omega Alpha

Our goal for Master Follies is to help build amazing relationships in our club. I remember my first Master Follies show last year. That month that we spent together practicing our show was when I really became friends with all of my LOA sisters. And I really hope that that happens again this year with all of our members. I hope we grow together as a sisterhood and a club as we create this show that a lot of us have put so much time into.

– Ren Taylor

Alpha Chi Delta

Master Follies is a time to bond and come together with the new members who just joined. The time, energy, and comradery put into the competition is a special combination to help build lasting friendships as well, as build the overall condition of our club. 

– Keegan Stewart

Christliche Damen

Master Follies is a chance for us to show the LCU community who we are. We get the opportunity to show everyone our Christ-given joy! I hope our members are able to have fun during this season and enjoy the time we have to spend with our sisters. Something you can’t put a price on is the relationships that are formed during late hours and long practices!

– Mikeilah Foust

Zeta Gamma

Ever since Zeta performed their first Follies show 10 years ago, we fell in love with the whole process! Zeta is unique in the sense that we don’t have a brother club, so we have our own march and sign that we throw during our show. Follies is a time to bond with your sisters (or brothers) and come together as a group to put on the best show we can for everyone at the show! 

– Jenae Hardcastle

Sub T-16

Sub T’s goal has always been very simple: create a show that the audience will enjoy. To us, this doesn’t necessarily mean long, mind-numbing hours of rehearsals to make sure our stomps are in unison or that our harmonies sound angelic. It simply means creating a show that makes people happy. If the lights go down on our performance and at least one person is smiling, we’ve done our job.

– Conner Kennedy

Kappa Phi Kappa

Directing a Master Follies show is a challenging but very rewarding experience. It is an honor to represent Kappa Phi in such an exciting way while enjoying quality time with one another. Follies gives us the opportunity to work together and continually pour positivity into all of our members. Most importantly, we hope for our Kappa sisters to fully understand the power of our community and how we can most positively represent our university and spread the love of Christ. 

– Maddie Wright


Directing a Master Follies show is something I’ve been dreaming of since freshman year. Now that it’s here, I am so excited and hopeful that Kyodai is performing is something that I and all of my brothers will be able to look back on as an amazing experience, regardless of if we win or lose.

– Aaron Peckham