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Honors students receive graduation stoles and awards

Honors Program Transitions to Honors College

This fall, Lubbock Christian University continues to make strides in academic advancement with the transition of the Honors Program to the status of Honors College. The newly-minted Honors College will also welcome a record number of students for the 2016-2017 year.

The Honors College aims to provide students with an exceptional learning experience with focuses on research, cultural enrichment, internships, and study.

Honors offers a number of courses throughout each school year for students to challenge themselves and grow academically. Honors is responsible for introducing and fostering programs such as the Scholars Colloquium, the Council on Undergraduate Research, LCU Washington, and more.

“The Honors College student population has set an all-time record, and the overall quality of the students continues to rise,” said Page Carter, the Honors academic coordinator. “These students are deep thinkers who not only look to improve themselves but also improve others.”

Enrollment in the Honors College has increased 17 percent with the addition of a record 73 students in the new fall cohort. The new cohort allows the Honors College to surpass their record total enrollment with 193 students.

With the transition to college, Dr. Stacy Patty has assumed the role of dean of the Honors College. Dr. Amanda Boston will be serving as assistant dean.

“We are pleased not only with the substantial growth of the college but also with the significant ways that Honors has served the university at large,” said Patty. “We are thankful that the university has supported Honors, and we are proud to now reach college status.”

LCU Honors encourages students to seek wisdom, explore culture, and pursue excellence. To learn more about the LCU Honors College, visit their blog or the LCU website