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J.L. and Faye Self

LCU Catches Endowed Scholarship for Chaparral Baseball Players

Lubbock Christian University baseball catchers will benefit from a generous donation of $10,000 which will endow the J.L. and Faye Self Memorial Scholarship.

To honor J.L. and Faye after their passing last year, his children, Kathy Woodard, Joni Daniels, and Marvin Self, established the endowed scholarship at LCU.

“This scholarship will help individuals throughout the years bridge the gap between desire and financial ability to attend such a prestigious university and participate as a student athlete. The dream of playing college baseball at a Christian university will now be a reality for many student athletes in the years to come,” said Nathan Blackwood, head baseball coach.

Baseball played a special role in the lives of the Self family, inspiring the gift to benefit LCU chaparral catchers. J.L. played catcher and was well known for his ability to swing a “wicked bat” for the Jets in the “Old Irrigation League” according to his family. The family also recalls J.L. hitting four home runs the day his daughter, Kathy Woodard, was born.

Both J.L. and Faye Self were graduates of Silverton High School, where the two met and were married. Shortly after graduating, J.L. enlisted in the military to serve in the 156th Infantry. The Army relocated the Selfs several times before he returned to Briscoe County, buying land and raising their family.

“We are so very thankful to the family of J.L. and Faye Self for their generosity and thoughtfulness toward student athletes at LCU. It is such an honor for the baseball program to be blessed by the legacy of a former ball player who served God, his family, and this country for so many years,” said Blackwood.