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LCU Red Flag Campaign Raises Sexual Harassment Awareness

Lubbock Christian University is teaming up with Voices of Hope to bring awareness of sexual harassment and sexual violence through the university’s It’s On Us/Red Flag Campaign on Monday, Mar. 9.

The campaign was introduced through a short video during the university’s 11 a.m. chapel meeting. Following chapel, red flags were placed throughout the mall area to reinforce the idea that “if you see something, you say something.” Posters were also placed throughout campus that provide ways sexual harassment and violence can be reported.

When asked what inspired bringing this event to campus, Assistant Dean of Students Kecia Jackson replied, “These discussions are important to the campus and community for a variety of reasons. We want to eliminate sexual violence from our campus and community. These discussions and events are also a critical component of our efforts to comply with government mandates through Title IV, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and the recent changes to the Jeanne Clery Act.”

Lubbock Christian University students, faculty, and staff worked together on a committee in order to breathe life into the campaign. Members of the committee include five students, Lexa Arpin, Abby Miles, Sam Fry, Dane Eggleston, and Kim Gomez, as well as Vice President of Student Affairs Randal Dement, Dean of Students Josh Stephens, Assistant Dean of Students Kecia Jackson, and Director of LCU Security Mike Smith.

The committee will also be hosting a panel discussion at 7 p.m. in the Baker Conference Center. The panel will include education, prevention, and resources surrounding the issue of sexual violent. Panel members include the LCU Director of Security, a counselor, two students, and a representative from Lubbock’s Voices of Hope.

The panel will be answering the following questions:

  • Why are we talking about this so much?
  • What happens if this happens on our campus?
  • Who do we report to?
  • What happens when we report?
  • What role does alcohol play in sexual violence?
  • What is sexual assault?


There will also be time available for questions that were texted anonymously during the discussion. Following the event, a copy of the It’s on Us/Red Flag Campaign brochure as well as Lubbock Christian University’s policy will be available as a handout, with the ultimate goal of educating the campus community.

“Our goal is to first and foremost, educate our LCU community on sexual harassment/violence. This is not an issue we are immune to, so we must have this conversation and continue the meaningful dialogue for the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. We also want our campus to know about the resources we have in place to prevent and assist anyone who may find themselves in this situation,” Jackson said.