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Students from the 2013 Chap Brigade display their spirit at a game in the Rip

Chap Brigade to Be Revitalized in the Fall

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Students hold up Chap signs at a viewing of the Lady Chaps national championship game in 2016

This fall will mark five years since the Chap Brigade brought spirit to Lubbock Christian University sports games, and many believe it’s time to bring it back.

The Chap Brigade is a student spirit committee that works to get the LCU crowd at games excited by amping up school spirit. The group will be helping out the new LCU cheerleaders, as well as providing comic relief by lightly heckling the other team and the referees.

Abby White, student involvement coordinator in LCU Student Affairs, is founding the revitalized group. She wanted to bring back Chap Brigade because one common complaint she hears from students is about the lack of school spirit. She believes it is time to change that.

“A lot of students were interested in it, and if the students are behind it, then that’s the driving force,” she said.

Five students, called the Chap Wranglers, will lead the Chap Brigade. Wranglers will be required to attend 85 percent of LCU home games and will lead the brigade and the student section in chants and cheers. The Wranglers for the 2018-2019 season applied and were appointed in April.

Students can join this organization at the start of each semester. The brigade will attend most sporting events, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and baseball games.

White encourages students to join if they want to be a part of something new and leave a legacy for future Chaps.

“If you’re going to the game, then you might as well enjoy it,” White said.