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Gordon Cargill Spirit of LCU Award

In April of 2014, LCU established the Gordon Cargill Spirit of LCU Award to honor the legacy of a man who impacted the students, faculty and staff in profound ways.  Presented annually, the award recognizes a member of the LCU faculty or staff for exemplifying a servant’s heart and encouraging spirit.

During his 17 years at LCU, Gordon humbly began by scrubbing floors and ultimately delivered packages around campus. He had one mission in mind—to make LCU a better place. However the difference Gordon made transcended mere physical improvements. Gordon exemplified a servant’s spirit in his work and life, offering a prayer or sharing a word of scripture or encouragement with everyone he encountered. He made an indelible impact on the LCU community, and this award seeks to honor his remarkable, Christ-centered example. President Perrin said of Gordon, “We celebrate Gordon’s life and his remarkable legacy at LCU. We are a far better place because of his time of service among us.”

Recipients for this award are chosen because they exemplify a servant’s spirit in their work, embody the mission and values of LCU, encourage and build up the community through their words and example, and exert a positive influence on those they encounter.

Past Recipients

2016 – Dr. JoAnn Long
2015 – Joyce Foster
2014 – Donnie McLaughlin