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J.E. & Eileen Hancock College of Liberal Arts


Welcome to the J.E. & Eileen Hancock College of Liberal Arts at Lubbock Christian University. The college offers undergraduate academic programming in a variety of disciplines, as well as graduate academic programming in psychology and counseling. The college consists of the following group of departments:

  • Department of Communication and Fine Arts
  • Department of Humanities
  • Department of Psychology and Counseling

These three impactful departments prepare students to excel in careers and/or furthering education in a wide variety of fields including education, writing, history, human sciences, cultural studies, counseling, psychology, musical and theatrical performance, the arts, and many more.   

If you are interested in a career path in any of these disciplines explore these pages and consider studying with us in the J.E. & Eileen Hancock College of Liberal Arts. 

College of Liberal Arts Departments


The mission of the J.E. & Eileen Hancock College of Liberal Arts is to mold Christ-centered leaders in the academic areas served through rigorous academic programs, meaningful contributions to scholarship, experiential learning opportunities, and transformative relationships with an academic community dedicated to mentoring, fostering professional growth, and preparing students for lives of purpose and service.

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