Information for Faculty

How does UR benefit faculty mentors?

Professional satisfaction

“Faculty, in working with students in UR, get a change to work on projects that really interest them, thus keeping up their enthusiasm for teaching and working with students.”

Investment in students’ futures

“I believe undergraduate research to be at the heart of what we do at LCU; mentor students, spend one on one time with them, help them design experiments/projects, troubleshoot problems, prepare for presentation, and present the research. This process prepares students for graduate school or the work force.”

Personal connections

“The students I have worked with are a precious investment for me. I KNOW them much better than the average student. Mentorship is not always easy . . . it can be very messy. I know their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes I have to rebuke and correct students. I get involved in their personal lives because the barriers have come down.”

Continuing relationships

“This process prepares students for graduate school or the work force. The intimacy achieved when you work together forges ties that last long after students graduate.”

A faculty mentor is a critical aspect of student research. Faculty becoming involved in mentoring student research have the exciting opportunity to watch students actively participate in projects related to their studies.

  • To increase retention
  • To promote an innovation-oriented culture
  • To enhance student learning
  • To assist students in increasing opportunities for graduate school or employment