Best Friends Group and Logo

Thank you for your interest in Lubbock Christian University’s singing group, Best Friends. This quick Q&A page will hopefully answer some basic questions that you may have as you plan or consider hosting a concert or event.

What type of events does Best Friends normally do?

Best Friends can adapt their presentation to fit almost any situation. They have a full concert presentation featuring acapella arrangements of current popular contemporary Christian songs, complete with vocal percussion (and even a little rap thrown in for audiences that would appreciate it).

They can also act as a worship team, singing songs both new and old. One of our members can act as the leader of the worship team, or the entire group can back up your worship leader or one of your choice.

Do they do anything other than concerts?

One of their favorite things to do is spend time sharing with students. They can do this in many ways, most often through bible classes or even in school choir class (both public and private).

What do we use to advertise their appearance?

Regarding marketing, these two links will take you to current promotional pictures of Best Friends. They are larger resolution and intended for print. One is JPG and one is PNG.

Additionally, generic posters are available. Version 1 has a more spontaneous picture, while version 2 is more “composed.”

How many people will be coming?

Best Friends will arrive on the appointed date in a large van and trailer. There will be 11 people emerging from the van… 9 singers, 1 sound technician and 1 sponsor. Here is a listing of our crew:

Lexi Willis, Sadie Wheeler, Lacy George, Victoria Acosta

Cameron Insilan, Nathan Hull, Michael Peschell, Jackson Setliff, Josh Dansby, Ryan Allbritten

Philip Camp or Nathan Anderson

How much does it cost to bring in Best Friends?

Best Friends does not charge for their appearance. We simply ask that you consider making a donation to cover our expenses, which usually involves fuel and food from the last stop. You can speak to Gary Moyers about the distance travelled and what anticipated expenses might be. 

Also, in the event we are spending the night in your town, we ask that you provide housing for our people. Host homes are fine, provided the homes are well-prepared and the hosts are expecting them. We also ask for the opportunity to sell our CD’s at the event. Lastly, if we are continuing on our journey the next day, a sack lunch for the road would be highly appreciated.

 If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!