Malori's Journey Banner
  • Chapter 1: Something is Wrong in a Life Where Everything was Right
    Theme: Storms and living life for Christ

  • Chapter 2: A Horrifying Drive to the Hospital
    Theme: Fear

  • Chapter 3: A Miracle at Kell West
    Theme: Miracles

  • Chapter 4: Going to Wichita Falls and at LCU
    Theme: Relationships/Community

  • Chapter 5: A Prayer Army at the Hospital
    Theme: Prayer

  • Chapter 6: Dallas and Knowing Malori Would be Ok
    Theme: Doubt

  • Chapter 7: The Final Surgery
    Theme: Perseverance

  • Chapter 8: Coming Home
    Theme: The Body of Christ

About this series

A little more than a year ago, LCU volleyball player Malori Maddox almost died in Wichita Falls after suffering a massive brain bleed. Her story has been told in various media, but the Maddox family wanted to make sure it was told as God’s story. The family spent a number of hours meeting with LCU’s Marketing and Communications Department to tell this story in a way that would further God’s Kingdom. Each chapter is written in narrative, much like a novel. Accompanying each chapter are devotional questions and prayer recommendations for readers to use based on the chapter’s theme. Each chapter will appear on LCU’s website every week, except for the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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