Hebrew Text

With this intensive study of the Biblical text, you will improve your comprehension of the Bible and learn the essential skills for practicing the craft of homiletics. With multiple, varied applications, this degree is perfect for students interested in a future revolving around biblical teaching, preaching, ministry or graduate studies.

A Practical Education

Taught by world-renowned scholars, who also have practical ministry experience, in the Biblical Text degree program you will be equipped with the tools of exegesis, encouraged to practice sound theological reflection, immersed in the biblical narrative, and challenged to grow not only in your scholarly craft, but in your faith and ministry as well.

  • Learn tools for responsibly interpreting and teaching Scripture
  • Develop ministry skills that will prepare you for a variety of ministry contexts
  • Study theology, history, and spiritual formation as crucial resources for ministry preparation
  • Learn from professors who are actively engaged in ministry
  • Intern with experienced ministers in a variety of ministry roles and contexts
  • Build relationships with professors and peers that will last a lifetime

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