Lubbock Christian University

Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Small Steps That Are Making A Major Impact

An Eco-Friendly Campus

As we prepare for our future at LCU we have recognized the importance of being ecologically responsible and promoting measures for sustainability. In our expansion, we believe that by using a number of eco-conscious sustainability measures we can reduce the amount of waste and carbon emissions produced by our institution. Here are a few ways we are making a difference through stewardship and conservation.


Greywater is non-industrial wastewater generated from domestic processes such as laundry, showering, and in lavatories. The essence of a greywater treatment system is to capture shower and lavatory water, treat it, and reuse it in the flushing of toilets and urinals, which significantly reduces fresh water consumed for these functions. In an area that is limited in water supply, we believe that this common practice of recycling water will be beneficial to our community and the environment at large.

Welcome Center

LCU has been an area leader using environmentally responsible, sustainable measures to conserve energy and reduce the amount of wast and carbon emissions produced by the institution.

Effective use of insulation in the walls, roof and under the concrete slab minimizes heat loss or gain, resulting in energy conservation. The Cardwell Welcome Center is heated and cooled for about one-third the typical cost for a building this size.

Ground source heat pumps cool and heat the building year-round. The earth and a playa lake on campus property serve as a heat sink to supply heat in the winter and absorb heat in the summer. The heat transfer requires electricity for operation, but no natural gas is consumed to create heat.

Energy requirements for heating and cooling the all-glass rotunda are also minimized by use of double pane glass containing argon and a transparent reflective film between the two panes. These windows are three times more efficient than typical commercial glass.