University Honors College
University Honors College
University Honors College

Our Purpose

The mission of the University Honors College is to provide students of high academic ability an exceptional college experience that prepares students for advanced study and lives of Christian service. The college offers challenging and provocative courses, colloquia and seminars, occasions for cultural enrichment, and assistance for semester internships and study abroad opportunities.

Our Goals

  • Encourage scholarly excellence
  • Provide creative and challenging interdisciplinary learning
  • Help students discern and cultivate their vocations
  • Develop intellectual project management

Our program provides students with an exceptional learning experience that includes small seminar classes, research assistantships, cultural enrichment opportunities, semester internships, and study abroad programs.

LCU Honors College & TTUHSC Agreement

The LCU Honors College and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine have established a new agreement which allows qualified students the opportunity to apply early to the TTUHSC School of Medicine, including a provision to waive their MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test). The goal of this program is to cultivate well-rounded applicants and encourage students to broaden their educational experiences. With the waived MCAT, students are afforded more opportunities to explore courses in the humanities, behavioral sciences, business, languages and other areas that make for well-rounded professionals.

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