Welcome to the Department of Natural Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences includes the Biological, Ecological, and Animal sciences. Each of these disciplines is continually growing as finer instrumentation shows us more about ourselves and the world in which we live.The scientific study of the organisms that God created, including plants, animals, and humans and the interrelationships among these provide abundant opportunities for education and research.

Our goal is to teach these disciplines of science in such a way that students will learn that science is not merely a collection of facts to be memorized, but rather that they would learn science as a process by which we understand the world around us. In this way, we strive to equip students to be successful in their chosen field by fostering in them the skills of careful observation and critical thinking.

Mission Statement

The Department of Natural Sciences bases its approach to the study of science on the Biblical view of God as Creator and Sustainer of the universe. All students taking courses in our department are introduced to the major concepts of Agriculture, Biology, and Ecology such that they can discover and interpret the characteristics of nature as part of God's creation.

  • Equip students with the knowledge about created life
  • Introduce its diversity and its processes
  • Provide opportunities for the development of skills necessary for proper scientific investigation, critical thinking, and effective communication
  • Offer the resources to fully prepare students for entrance into careers in the Agricultural, Biological, and Natural Resource fields.

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